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Phoronix Media is the largest Internet media company devoted to enriching the Linux hardware experience and catering its content to Linux gamers and computer enthusiasts. Its properties primarily focus on Linux hardware reviews, software previews, community technical discussions, and other technology related topics. Phoronix Media also backs a free software repository and the leading open-source Linux benchmarking software.

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Phoronix Media web properties frequently feature product reviews and other forms of product news and coverage. In many cases, these products have been submitted by their manufacturer's for testing by Phoronix Media as free product samples. However, we are not compensated to provide favorable opinions on products nor do we accept paid endorsements.

Much of our revenues do, of course, come from advertisements on these web properties. While some manufacturers may advertise on our web properties and also submit samples for review, this in no way affects our product testing or opinions on the product.


Personal information (such as your name, address, and email address) that you entrust to Phoronix Media will not be shared with any th


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