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Phoronix Media is the largest Internet media company devoted to enriching the Linux hardware experience and catering its content to Linux gamers and computer enthusiasts. Its properties primarily focus on Linux hardware reviews, software previews, community technical discussions, and other technology related topics. Phoronix Media also backs a free software repository and the leading open-source Linux benchmarking software.

About Phoronix Media

Phoronix Media began with, which was launched on June 5, 2004 by Michael Larabel. Phoronix was born out of the need for Linux hardware coverage and other Linux enthusiast/gaming news not covered by any other web-site at the time. Since then, Phoronix Media has become the leading provider of Linux hardware reviews and other free software news.

Phoronix Media has established a number of other web properties that provide additional Linux and Solaris coverage. Phoronix Media is more than a traditional news outlet in that it also engages with the Linux and free software communities to better enrich these ecosystems. Phoronix Media also covers Linux events, sponsorships, and contributes software through a number of open-source projects.

Developed through the internal tools at Phoronix Media was the Phoronix Test Suite and other software projects that have become vital to Linux performance testing and have been adopted by many public and private organizations. Phoronix Media has also begun establishing web properties in other non-technology fields.

Phoronix Media work often appears in press releases and the web-sites of major companies along with social media web-sites such as Digg and SlashDot. Phoronix is ranked as a top 5,000 blog by Technorati and top 5,000 web-site by Netcraft.

Phoronix Media is a privately held US-based company that continues to be led by its founder, Michael Larabel.

Quick History

Founded In: 2004

Founded By: Michael Larabel

Location: United States

Accolades: Phoronix Media owns some of the leading resources for Linux product reviews, news, and other hardware/software information. Phoronix Media is frequently cited as being a definitive source within the Linux ecosystem. Many leading tier-one hardware and software vendors and other universities, corporations, and public organizations use Phoronix software.
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